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The ground-breaking ceremony for the first of the more than 41,000 built houses took place in the 1960s. In 1964 we built the first Schwörer-Haus, which by the way is still a place for all facets of life. Other milestones in history followed, which testify to our pioneering spirit. In the past, the foundation stone was laid – today we are constantly developing further. As a family owned company, we employ around 1,800 people at eight locations nationwide, of whom around 1,400 work at the SchwörerHaus KG. Some of them even in the third and fourth generation.

Customer satisfaction is important to us

The opinion of our customers is important to us. This is the only way we can constantly develop and offer you a high-quality product. We do not want to withhold this opinion from you and therefore we show you what our customers have to say about us. Read also the customer stories of our clients. Maybe your path to the dream house is similar.

SchwörerHaus receives FOCUS MONEY award

The 8th time in a row, SchwörerHaus was awarded the quality seal “Fairster prefabricated house provider”, of the Focus Money Test, with the grade “very good.” We are particularly proud of the very good rating of the performance feature “Fairest Price-Performance Ratio.” Fair services for the large investment in one’s own four walls, transparent costs and a reliable price calculation are essential for the satisfaction of the building owners. SchwörerHaus is well above the industry average in all three points.

In the online study of FOCUS MONEY approx. 1,200 building owners who have built a prefabricated house in the last 36 months are interviewed annually. 34 features are evaluated by prefabricated house owners. It is important to find out which prefabricated house provider is particularly fair. In addition, the prefabricated house suppliers are classified into six further sub-categories.

Customer stories

Family Schäfer-Hesse


Just how sophisticated a prefabricated house can look is demonstrated by the Hesse family’s SCHÖNER WOHNEN House. From the unusual lamella façade to the striking window format, everything here is aligned to a clear architectural language. And the inside is in no way inferior to the outside.

Family Salvasohn


In order not to blow up their building budget, the family Salvasohn used the advantages of the prefabricated house construction. A special offer house with compact dimensions and a good room program from SchwörerHaus served as the basis for her own home.

Family Althoff


The family Althoff has reduced their house to the essential. This shows the architecture and furniture to their best advantage. And everyone feels comfortable. The prerequisite for a lot of living comfort in a compact space: good planning and clever furnishing.

Family Bigger


Inspired by a number of Schwörer houses in their immediate neighbourhood, the family Bigger had a beautiful design house with a flat roof built to a high quality – very open and modern in terms of structure.

Fam. Mayer-Elicker


After the renovation of their holiday house in the south of France, Frank Mayer and Irmela Elicker used their experience to design their villa in Ticino themselves. SchwörerHaus has realised the villa at an affordable price.

Family Dehm


With their FlyingSpace as an addition to the main house, the family Dehm has created not only additional living space but also a clever visual and noise protection from the street as well as an attractive garden situation.

Family Küfer


While studying the current Schwörer brochures, the family Küfer fell in love with a pictured house with a classic pitched roof and a modern and friendly wooden partial façade, a real family house.

Family Hager


Sophisticated architecture in the Bauhaus style, refined details, a clever floor plan for a family of three plus a generous feeling of living - and everything on only 110 m² can be found in the house of the family Hager.

Family Buser


The family Buser already owned a semi-detached house. But they kept asking themselves the question: How would we do that if we could plan a house according to our ideas? Then one day it was time.

Customer blogs

In the meantime, there are some Schwörer customers who diligently run their own blogs and report there live on their building experiences.

We are very happy about this and therefore we like to refer to the blogs of our customers.

Have fun with discovering and reading!

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