Construction requirements

A FlyingSpace is a fully-functioning building and as such is subject to local building regulations. You need a plot, empty or with an existing building on it, and enough space. This means that the minimum limit distances to the neighbours’ plots must be adhered to. You can find out from your local authority whether a land-use plan exists. This plan defines in what manner and to what extent a plot and the building standing on it can be used, whether there are energy specifications for the building area, the maximum building height and sometimes also what the roof must look like. Perhaps you have already through about just what it is you want to achieve with your FlyingSpace? A consultation with your local Schwörer building advisor will soon clarify just what is feasible. Our building advisers work with local architects who can, if necessary, submit a preliminary planning query.


The FlyingSpace is supplied with ready-to-connect mains water and sewer/drain connections. Electrical and telephone connections are also prepared. The lines for connection to the public utility services, both supply and disposal, must be laid before supply. An application to the local/municipal supplier must be made for this purpose.


A soil survey indicates whether pad foundations are sufficient – as a rule, 10 pads for a length of 14.50 metres – in rare cases it may be necessary to use strip foundations or a raft foundation.

Point or strip foundations

Raft foundation