Quality certificates

SchwörerHaus emphasises outstanding quality, generous design options and appealing design – all with concern for the natural environment and compliance at all times with legal guidelines. We think this is excellent. And we're not the only ones that think so: we have won a number of awards from many trade journals and their readers for the architecture of our houses. These include the major German prize for prefabricated houses, the 'Golden Cube' and the Hausbau Design Award 2014 for our SCHÖNER WOHNEN house. Likewise, we have been recognised for our future-oriented ideas as a pioneer in climate protection and energy efficiency.

Club of the Best

SchwörerHaus was the first prefabricated housing company to be inducted to the prestigious German Club of the Best awarded for audited customer service.

CREFO Zertifikat

In a re-audit, SchwörerHaus was recognised for its excellent rating structure, and its balance sheet creditworthiness was also assessed as good.

RAL Gütezeichen

RAL, the German institute of quality assurance and labelling, awarded SchwörerHaus a quality seal for the manufacture and assembly of prefabricated construction products.


Minergie-P describes the 'Passive House' standard in Switzerland. The Schwörer show house in Suhr, in the north of Switzerland,. is a certified Minergie-P house.

Europäische Technische Zulassung

The building materials used and the construction elements prefabricated in our works meet the requirements of European Technical Assessment, ETAG 007.

Arbeitsschutz mit System

SchwörerHaus has been certified by BG Bau, Germany's construction industry trade association, for its outstanding system of health and safety management.

45 Jahre Bundes Gütegemeinschaft

SchwörerHaus receives a certificate to commemorate its 45-year membership of the German Federal Manufacturers' Association for Assembled Buildings and Prefabricated Houses.


The CE label confirms that its plants are constantly monitored by external bodies. All construction elements that form part of the basic construction have received a CE label.


The whole production is subject to annual surveillance conducted by German Federal Manufacturers' Association for Assembled Buildings and Prefabricated Houses.

Ombudsman services of QDF

Information on arbitration options for consumers

Should disputes arise from the contractual relationship with our customers who are consumers, we encourage them to make use of the free ombudsman services provided by QDF, the German Federal Manufacturers' Association for Assembled Buildings and Prefabricated Houses. SchwörerHaus accepts any decisions made by this ombudsman as binding.

We would only not follow decisions made by the ombudsman if the customer, in spite of the decision, chooses to take further legal action. We shall accept any costs arising in connection with expert reports compiled by neutral bodies relating to filed defects in accordance with the provisos and findings of the respective expert report.

More details on this procedure can be found in Article 2.2 of the QDF Statutes. As this deals with a consumer protection regulation specific to prefabricated houses, we shall not take part in any further dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration body.

Sustainability certificates

We show responsibility. As a company focused on climate protection and energy plus, we feel strongly about the natural environment. And we want to prove this at every stage of production: thanks to our ecological production cycle we help preserve the environment and contribute to reduced carbon emissions. Furthermore, we use natural resources for energy production. First and foremost, our success can be seen in the wide-ranging innovations that have, over many years, provided constant improvements in production processes and our future-looking construction approach. Optimum interaction between our internal development department and production ensures that construction elements and building materials are continuously improved and developed. The company holds 26 patents and awards in the field of environmental protection, construction and architecture.

Ökologie Cube

The SCHÖNER WOHNEN house 'MONO' was awarded the prestigious Ecology Cube prize for his sustainable concept.


The Suhrenbrock customer house received top marks for the sustainability rating of small residential buildings.


Through its membership, SchwörerHaus is committed to climate protection and energy efficiency in corporate practice.

PEFC Zertifikat

Only wood from sustainably-managed forests, certified in accordance with the PEFC system is used in the manufacture of Schwörer houses. (www.pefc.de)


Since 1997, SchwörerHaus has been running an environmental management system validated by EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme).


Each year, the Schwörer environmental declaration is published, compiled according to EC Regulation No. 122/2009 (EMAS III).

ENBW Netzwerk

SchwörerHaus is also active in the EnBW (Energie Baden-Württemberg) network and meets the quality standards of the network set in accordance with LEEN, Local Energy Efficiency Networks.


Here, companies, association and chambers develop new ideas for sustainable business in collaboration with the state government.


Awarded the Innovation Prize 2014 for the energy-efficient modernisation of the moulding plant as part of the 'EnBW Network Energy Efficiency' competition.

Zertifikat ISO 50001

The company's energy policies, the energy management system and its documentation, the energy assessment and the company's strategic and operational energy goals have been audited according to ISO 50001:2011.

Zertifikat ISO 14001

Environmental policies, its environmental management system, environmental impacts, environmental documentation, environmental goals and audits were audited according to ISO 14001:2004.