FlyingSpace Videos

The FlyingSpaces are a very popular subject for film and television reports. The idea of flexible living has generated a lot of interest amongst TV journalists. And builder-owners,who want to turn their current lives on their heads, starting a new life phase with Schwörer FlyingSpaces, are in high demand as film partners. If you missed the broadcasts, there are some for you to catch up on here.


The FlyingSpace extension for the Losert family was delivered in next to no time. The extension to the existing Schwörer house is a new parent space, with spa area and walk-in wardrobe.


FlyingSpaces are prefabricated in our plant and can be moved into on the building site in just a few hours. We show you how a FlyingSpace is produced and how a ready-made modular house looks from the inside.


You can take your holiday in a FlyingSpace with the Sporrädle family in Wasserburg on Lake Constance. The three chic holiday homes all enjoy a view over the lake and are fitted with the latest furnishings. Located on the family's fruit farm, they offer a perfect holiday location.


Sixteen FlyingSpace modules make up two buildings that serve as a multi-purpose residential complex. Each cube is an independent dwelling unit with kitchen, bathroom and living space. The modules were completely prefabricated in Schwörer's plant and assembled in just a few hours.


Two flat-roof Velux windows were incorporated in our FlyingSpace show home in Däniken. Using these flat-roof windows allowed us to reduce window area on the walls, providing valuable wall space for the best possible use of furniture.


For the Ringhut family, a FlyingSpace was docked on to an existing house. The FlyingSpace extension generated much more space for the family. The extension was assembled in just a few hours – and the neighbours were very impressed. Velux dormer windows ensure perfect lighting and plenty of wall space for furniture.


In Balingen, a FlyingSpace was docked on to an existing house. The FlyingSpace extension means the family have much more space. The time-lapse film shows just how quickly a prefabricated module is assembled, the extension was ready to be lived in in just a matter of hours.