You are not just planning a house. You are building your life. For many people, the house is an expression of their personality. With us, you can make your own architectural style a reality. and give your house your own personal touch.

Whether you are looking to build a city mansion, a farmhouse or a luxury house – our local architects can help you put together your own unique house. Be inspired by the array of architectural styles and find your favourite. Our checklist 'What type of house suits me' will certainly help you.


The soft colours of Italy, nature pure in Sweden, green mountain landscape of the wilds of Canada: For many people the holiday is the best part of the year. A house with a country look helps bring the holiday feeling into everyday life. In addition, home-building families enjoy regional traditions: With their love of detail, timber façades always appear warm and snug.

Traditional detached house

When many people think of a cosy, solid home, they think of a house with a pitched roof. In some areas, roofs must be like this. In any event, these slanted surfaces create a unique effect under the roof, sometimes with space that can be converted at a later time, thus easing the pressure on a home-builder's budget.

City mansions

Modern city mansions might not be as big as they once were. But thanks to their harmonious façade, floor-length windows and their elegant hip and canopy roofs they maintain their representative effect. With two full storeys, they not only offer generous floor space, they are also ideally suited for smaller plots.

Bauhaus style

Inspired by the modern Bauhaus style, the two-storey, flat-roof cube is in vogue. These modern classics adopt the essential styling of their role models, but interpret the building style with interesting recesses, fashionable roof shapes and contemporary accents of materials and colour.

Luxury houses

Build a house once in your life, but do it well. With this conviction, these home-builders have turned their dream of their own home into reality. Perfectly tailored to fulfil their dream, they turned their wishes into reality with the help of a freelance architect and SchwörerHaus. The interior design, with gallery, airy rooms and furniture from the Schwörer fitted furniture and cabinetmaking shop, underscores the superior quality of the house.