Our society is changing, becoming more mobile. And living conditions are changing, calling for flexible (housing) solutions. We have embraced these trends, developing new, functional, affordable living modules – our FlyingSpaces. We implemented our first building project back in 2010 and in the six years that followed we have developed a wide variety of solutions together with our customers. Now you can gain from this experience – you too can be inspired.

What are FlyingSpaces?

FlyingSpaces are top-quality modules at a fixed price that can function as a fully adequate mini-house, a single-room extension or in combined units. Manufactured in our plant according to Schwörer's quality criteria, fully appointed upon request, our modules can be flexibly expanded, easily changed and individually designed – the ingeniously simple answer to the modern-day change in living and working conditions.

FlyingSpaces do not require a basement, nor a raft foundation. If needed, they can be easily dismantled and reassembled in another location. The modern design, the flexible floor plan, the almost limitless design options for windows and interior fittings make it easy for every home-building family to turn their personal wishes into reality. FlyingSpaces form the basis for pilot projects such as the B10 in Stuttgart focussed on intelligent energy management and the LebensPhasenHaus (life stages house) in Tübingen where the focus is barrier-free dwelling units with assistance systems.


Want to know how a FlyingSpace is transported, how it 'flies' in and how it lands in just the right position ready for final assembly? Our videos will show you. Enjoy them!

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How do FlyingSpaces work?

The residential, office or leisure cubes are delivered ready to use, put into place with the help of a crane and installed by a well-trained team of Schwörer assemblers – a single module in a few hours, a residential complex in just a few days. Major construction work in the area is not required. Apart from the pad foundations, the ducts and the service connections, nothing else needs to be prepared. The same is true for sloping sites. As soon as the module is in place, it is connected to water, power and media services. Depending on needs, the rooms are fully appointed with sanitary and kitchen fittings, floor and wall coverings, doors and fitted furniture and built-in furniture from the Schwörer fitted furniture and cabinetmaking shop. With FlyingSpaces, just as many trades are involved as with a detached house. Thanks to the complete fabrication in the Schwörer factory, all these different trades have been optimally coordinated. There are no interminable construction projects with dirt and delays. All the work is organised by Schwörer's building experts, guaranteeing professional and speedy processing.

Experience FlyingSpace live

Visit our FlyingSpaces show home and see what Schwörer 'small space' quality looks like in reality. We warmly welcome you to come and view our mini-houses and are looking forward to your FlyingSpaces ideas!

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