FlyingSpaces: Tiny Houses made by SchwörerHaus

Flexible LIVING MODULES in top QualitY

Our society is changing and becoming more mobile, life situations are changing – this calls for flexible (living) solutions. We have picked up these trends and developed new, functional and affordable living modules – our FlyingSpaces.

We were able to implement the first construction projects in 2010 and worked out many different solutions with our customers in the following years. From mini-houses on 30-70m², to bedrooms or office extensions, to holiday houses and entire hotel and residential complexes.
You will benefit from these experiences – you too can be inspired, we look forward to your ideas!

What are FlyingSpaces?

FlyingSpaces are high-quality modules at a fixed price that function as a full-fledged mini-house, single-room extension or in combined units.

Manufactured in the factory according to the Schwörer quality criteria, fully equipped on request, our modules can be flexibly expanded, easily changed, individually designed – the ingeniously simple answer to the changing living and working conditions of our time.

In this video, the Kohler family and the Wagner family show their mini-houses and report on their FlyingSpaces house construction.

Have lots of fun with it!


Living in the Tiny House - Kohler family shows their mini house



  • not require a basement or floor slab.
  • ...can be dismantled with little effort and reassembled at another location if required.
  • ...have a modern design and can be customized.
  • ...can be used flexible, as a mini-house, an extension or a roof extension.
  • ...have a variety of design options, so every building family can realize their personal living ideas.
  • ...form the basis for pilot projects such as the Active house B10 on the subject of intelligent energy management or the LifePhasesHouse Tübingen in the area of barrier-free living units with assistance systems.

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Tiny House / Mini house examples

Our FlyingSpace mini-houses are real space miracles - in the smallest of spaces, living, cooking, sleeping and bathroom are ideally combined thanks to optimal equipment and building services.


How much does a Tiny House at SchwörerHaus cost?
Tiny Houses at SchwörerHaus are not simple container houses, but high-quality, individually planned living modules or even individual “mini-construction projects”, which we are happy to build according to your wishes and requirements.
In order to give you a first price feeling for your “mini-construction project”, you can find here

  • some price-examples for the Schwörer mini houses
  • tips on the total cost of a mini house/an extension
  • tips on factors that can strongly influence the price

Proven quality & top service also for the small Schwörer houses!
FlyingSpaces are small Schwörer houses – whether as an extension, mini house, office or entire residential establishment, you will also receive here the tried and tested Schwörer quality & service (customer service and modernization) during the entire life of a FlyingSpace!

Experience FlyingSpaces live

Visit one of our FlyingSpaces show houses and experience live what Schwörer quality looks like on a "small scale". We cordially invite you to visit our mini houses and we look forward to your FlyingSpaces ideas!

How do FlyingSpaces work?

The residential, office or leisure cube is delivered fixed and ready, set up with a truck-mounted crane and installed by a well-rehearsed Schwörer assembly team – a single module in a few hours, a residential complex in a few days. Major interventions in the environment are not necessary. Except for point foundations, shafts and house connections, nothing needs to be prepared. This also works on a hillside location. Once the module is in place, it is only connected to water, electricity and media. Depending on the requirements, the rooms are already fully equipped with sanitary and kitchen equipment, floor and wall coverings, doors and built-in furniture from the Schwörer Design-joinery. A FlyingSpace involves as many trades as a single-family house. Due to the complete prefabrication in the factory, the different trades are optimally matched to each other. There is no lengthy construction site handling with dirt and obstructions. The Schwörer construction professionals are responsible for the organisation, which guarantees a professional and fast processing.

Tiny House extension

Life plans change more often and more comprehensively today than in the past, but very few buildings can adapt. If the house is bursting at the seams, but demolition or an extension is out of the question, it's time to move – or dock. The advantage of an extension: you do not have to leave your familiar surroundings. FlyingSpaces are ideally suited for the extension of living space – e. g. as a guest, parents or children's wing, for the spatial organisation of working and living, e. g. as a studio, office or practice, or for several generations living together with separate entrances.

holiday house as Tiny House

No queue at the buffet, no shrill entertainers, no fight for the sunbeds at the pool – not only families have discovered the advantages of a spacious holiday flat with its own outdoor area for their holidays. Do and leave what you want and when you want, barbecues with friends, fun evenings of games with the family, space for the children – that's how many people imagine the ideal holiday. FlyingSpaces are ideally suited as a holiday house variant with an individual touch – whether used by the owner or intended for renting.

Tiny House as an office

Do you want to expand your office space or do you need a new workspace?
The FlyingSpace module is ideally suited for this.

The modules are individually, angular or can be combined with several living boxes. Special requests, such as a laboratory, sales room or seminar rooms, can also be implemented in a FlyingSpace.

Tiny House Trend: FlyingSpaces as Green Living Space

Green Living Space is the ingeniously simple answer to the changing living and working conditions of our time.

The Green Living Space is an exciting joint project of SchwörerHaus, IKEA Germany, Gira and Vaillant, as well as the magazine “Zuhause Wohnen.” Thanks to the expertise of the various partners, a completely new residential concept could be developed.

The result is a clever “Urban Gardening” solution – a top modern mini-house, ideally furnished and complemented by smart building services.

Another highlight – an external staircase leads to the roof terrace, which can be complemented by a chic bars for shading, a mini garden with garden shed, a barbecue area and much more to the “small green oasis.”

Constructional requirements

Building codes, of course, apply to mini-houses as well. We are happy to support you with the appropriate planning, as well as with the necessary foundation and the connections.

FlyingSpaces/Tiny Houses videos

Would you like to see how a FlyingSpace modular house is transported, how it hoveres, lands precisely and is assembled? Our videos will show you, have fun watching it.

Tiny House / FlyingSpaces examples

House on the lake, office on the roof, mini house in the garden or extension to your existing house - here you will find examples & ideas.

Tiny House Bathroom

Bathroom in small format? - especially in the Tiny House, the bathroom is a particularly big challenge. Little space for as much bathroom as possible – this can be implemented very well with skilful planning and modern built-in furniture.

Questions and answers about Tiny Houses

planning phase

A building licence is required in Germany, but in many cases also abroad. Your local architect will be happy to assist you in this.

The basic equipment of the FlyingSpace provides for a flat roof as a proven solution. However, if otherwise specified in the development plan, you can also choose pitched, monopitch or hipped roof (optional equipment). Roof greening and the installation of a solar or photovoltaic system are also possible.

Together with you we plan your individual FlyingSpace – this includes in particular a flexible floor plan, façade and window design. Various dimensions up to a maximum of 14.50 x 4.35 m are possible. The floor plan can be kept completely open or individually subdivided – up to a 3-room apartment, also barrier-free.

We offer you expert sampling and a variety of high quality brand name products in our design centre. You define the scope, from a upgrading version to ready to move in.

The Schwörer Design joinery offers clever furnishing solutions, custom-fit to your individual FlyingSpace – and this at a unique price-performance ratio. Whether storage space solutions, integrated workplaces or room dividers – our joinery manufactures custom-made solutions for your living needs. As part of your furnishing consultation, you will receive competent advice from a master joiner on request and you will receive your individual offer for built-in furniture.

To ensure that your kitchen suits your lifestyle and fits in well with your FlyingSpace, we provide floor plans and kitchen planning from a single source – a harmonious room concept, optimally customized to your wishes. In our kitchen studio in the Schwörer design centre, you will find a large selection of models from brand manufacturers. Our specially trained consultants will be happy to support you with competent advice and detailed planning using 3D software.

Thanks to the clever statics and the well-thought-out module concept, this is possible at any time.

Of course, we also offer the interior fittings for the FlyingSpace barrier-free (optional fittings). This means: The floor plan is almost without thresholds and planned with sufficient traffic area, incl. appropriate fittings up to the furnishing. In the barrier-free LifePhasesHouse Tübingen you can convince yourself of our competence.

FlyingSpaces adhere to all the rules that a modern house must meet. With the appropriate equipment, your FlyingSpace becomes a KfW Efficiency House 55 or an Energy Plus House with a positive energy balance, which produces more energy than it needs for the entire annual requirement for heating, hot water and domestic electricity.

Each FlyingSpace is equipped with a controlled ventilation system with heat recovery. Different forms of heating, including the connection to the heating system of the main house, are possible, when it comes to an extension. In principle, you can choose any type of heating.

The price of a FlyingSpace is calculated according to the size, the architecture and the desired equipment. You can find price examples under FlyingSpaces-prices, your personal FlyingSpace will be calculated by your building consultant on site.

A “Tiny House” is at first simply a “small house.”
The differences concerning building licence, period of use, service, quality etc. are, however, large.

Here you can find the differences in the quick comparison

  1. Tiny House on wheels
  2. TinyHouse as a garden shed
  3. TinyHouse as a Mini House (FlyingSpace)

Difference between Tiny House and Mini House? | Schwörer Hausbau-Blog (

Living in the FlyingSpace

You can if your property's building and use ordinance allows it. You can put together individual modules according to your needs. You can also combine and equip modules according to your needs.

As a rule, the fully equipped FlyingSpace is transported by low loader to its new location and lifted on the foundations by a motor crane. The transport costs depend on several factors such as distance to the location and size of the FlyingSpace. The transport costs for low loaders including a BF3 escort vehicle are calculated by us in advance. The costs of police-accompanying and traffic control and traffic management measures (e. g. stopping restrictions or roadblocks) cannot be calculated in advance. For FlyingSpaces with dimensions up to 12.50 x 3.32 m, escort is only required in rare cases. For FlyingSpaces with dimensions up to 14.50 x 4.35 m, a police escort or several BF4 escort vehicles are always required.

We also supply across national borders. We have to comply with the special transport regulations of the respective countries. In terms of costs, this is realistic for neighbouring countries and regions such as Austria, Switzerland, Alsace in France or northern Italy. In any case, an individual transport cost calculation for foreign countries is necessary.

We produce your FlyingSpace in our factory at the company headquarters in Hohenstein-Oberstetten, on the Swabian Alb, with computer support and the latest production technology. This guarantees you the well-known Schwörer quality "Made in Germany".

The production takes place in the company's own factory, regardless of the weather. Are the foundations completed and hardened frost-proof, nothing stands in the way of a year-round construction or assembly.

With triple-glazed windows and excellent insulation, FlyingSpaces meet all the structurally engineered specifications for a residential building and can therefore be used all year round.

General information

30 years on the basic construction, 5 years warranty according to the German Civil Code. 2 years warranty on supplied accessories, which do not become an essential part of the building by installation.

The sampling protocol and a personal access to the Schwörer online customer portal with status overview, care and maintenance instructions as well as valuable tips.

Building societies and banks offer various forms of financing for private individuals or business people. The fact that the FlyingSpace is a high-quality Schwörer house is an important argument when talking to your bank. We would be happy to assist you with the interview preparation and draw your attention to our customer-friendly payment methods: 12 months fixed price guarantee, payment of 90% of the total price only after installation and acceptance of the FlyingSpace.

Yes, best on holiday: the holiday house complexes presented, convey the FlyingSpace living experience close and personal.
Obsthof Sporrädle, 88142 Wasserburg at Lake Constance (minimum rental period 1 week)
holiday residence Harbrecht, 91077 Ermreuth am Randeder Franconian Switzerland  (minimum rental period 1 week)

FlyingSpaces as multi-storey residential building/ multifunctional building

FlyingSpaces are stacked and grouped into day care centres, community centres, museums, multi-purpose residential complexes. As mobile boxes, they can be used temporarily as showrooms at trade fairs, as kiosks or ice cream parlours. There are no limits to the possibilities of use. SchwörerHaus is able to provide valuable support in the development of individual solutions based on the company’s experience not only in residential construction but also in property construction – from the development concept to the floor plan planning to the architectural adaptation to existing buildings.

Tiny House on wheels - Mini Houses on the Road


Tiny House furniture fair Cologne

The Wohnglück-FlyingSpace initially served as a trade fair stand at the international furniture fair in Cologne. Afterwards it was transported to Werder and can be visited there today as a mini show house.

more information about the Wohnglück-FlyingSpace in Werder


Sales stand at the Christmas market

This mobile sales stand has been transported to the Christmas market in Stuttgart for several years and set up there directly on the Schlossplatz. After Advent, it will make its way back and can be used at other events.

learn more about the mobile FlyingSpace sales stand


Tiny House at the state horticultural show

This FlyingSpace stood for 6 months at the state horticultural show in the Remstal near Stuttgart and was then transported to the show house exhibition in Hohenstein-Oberstetten and can be visited there until it is on its way again to the next state horticultural show or similar.

learn more about this mobile Tiny House

Innovative modular houses for research & development

FlyingSpaces are also very popular in the field of research & development. They form the basis for pilot projects such as the “Active house B10” on the subject of intelligent energy management or the LifePhasesHouse Tübingen in the area of barrier-free housing units with assistance systems.

The “Solspaces” project of the University of Stuttgart is about a sustainable heating concept, which is why a high-quality modular house was deliberately chosen instead of a typical research container in order to ensure the best conditions for the energy project.