FlyingSpaces show houses

If you are interested in gaining an impression of the quality of Schwörer construction methods, of the high-quality fixtures and fittings and of the smart furnishing ideas, then visit our FlyingSpace show houses.

Show house Hannover-Langenhagen

The Green Living Space is a cooperation project between SchwörerHaus, IKEA Germany and further support from Gira and Vaillant. The living concept combines compact living with a garden on the roof, networks work wherever and when you want and healthy living in your own four walls. The project partners are taking up several trends with the Green Living Space in Hannover-Langenhagen. The FlyingSpace offers the right living environment.

FertighausWelt Hannover-Langenhagen
Münchener Str. 25c
30855 Hannover-Langenhagen
Phone: +49 511 4754-752 or -808

Show house Werder

Together with the leading home magazine WOHNIDEE and other partners from the furniture, sanitary and building services industries, SchwörerHaus is presenting the show house FlyingSpace in Werder. The room module with the dimension 14.50 m x 4.35 m and a living space of approx. 50 square metres is a multifunctional living concept with many smart technology solutions – but above all it presents itself as a fully comfortable and tastefully designed home.


Unger-Park in den Havel-Auen
14542 Werder
Phone: +49 30 76203161 or +49 3327 7418826

Show house Cologne-Frechen

SchwörerHaus exhibits a wonderful example of the world of prefabricated houses in Frechen, a district of Cologne, with an extension for a family member, including, living space, kitchen, bathroom, WC and bedroom. As a common entry, a porch connects the main house to the extension. Thus enabling independent living.

FertighausWelt Köln-Frechen
Europaallee 45
50226 Köln-Frechen
Phone: +49 2234 9906-541 or -542

Show house Wuppertal

The FlyingSpace on the roof of the show house in Wuppertal provides for extra spare space as an add-on module. A dream come true with a spa area – with a whirlpool in front of the foldable door to the roof-top terrace and a small refreshment bar – reached by means of a visually floating staircase construction.

FertighausWelt Wuppertal
Schmiedestr. 59
42279 Wuppertal
Phone: +49 202 641091

Show house Hohenstein

FlyingSpace reception building at the entrance to the company's own show house park in Hohenstein-Oberstetten, an elevated FlyingSpace that also demonstrates the possibilities of the modular concept on sloping sites. Check out the Schwörer quality for yourself, daily from 10am to 5pm.

Musterhauszentrum Hohenstein
Eschenweg 2
72531 Hohenstein-Oberstetten
Phone: +49 7387 16-3140

Show house Café in Hohenstein

For the Schwörer Café at the company's headquarters in Hohenstein-Oberstetten three FlyingSpaces were placed so that an inner courtyard was created between the individual modules, which was covered and closed with large panes of glass. To clearly promote the space concept, each element was designed with a different façade. This FlyingSpace ensemble is wonderfully suited to community living, doctors' surgeries, children's day-care centres, etc.

Musterhauszentrum Hohenstein
Eschenweg 2
72531 Hohenstein-Oberstetten
Phone: +49 7387 16-3140

Show house in Däniken, Switzerland

The show house in Däniken is a small flat with 50 square metres of floor space. Open living, dining and cooking areas, with a separate bedroom and bathroom. The special feature of this mini-house is the individual built-in furniture from Schwörer's design joinery.

Musterhaus Däniken in der Schweiz
Wolfackerstr. 6
CH 4658 Däniken
Phone: +41 62 823 22 21 or +41 79 441 11 11

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