Your Smart Home from SchwörerHaus - energy-efficient, safe and comfortable

A cleverly networked home with smart home offers more comfort in everyday life – the intelligent house automation ensures security and saves energy. Roller shutters that shut down automatically in the dark, heatings that ensure the right feel-good temperature at all times and multimedia systems that play your favourite music. From the sofa or on the way, you can control light, roller shutters or room temperature quickly and easily via your smartphone at any time.

What is a smart home? - Intelligent house automation for your prefabricated house from SchwörerHaus

A house automation can include everything that needs to be monitored, controlled or regulated at home. Many are familiar with the now widely used roller shutter control, which automatically closes down or runs up the roller shutters depending on the time of day. Your prefabricated house becomes even more “smarter” when the blinds are aligned with the state of the sun in relation to the room’s indoor temperature, so you always have the right feel-good temperature in the room. A wind monitor complements the system and protects the blinds from damage in thunderstorms and storms by automatically closing them.

Functions of a house automation

  1. Shutters & blinds with sun monitor and rain/wind sensor e.g. as heat protection or in case of storms.
  2. Heating – intelligent, energy-saving heating system in combination with window and door sensors respectively On-and-off mode.
  3. Burglary protection by motion detectors, video intercom, intelligent scenarios for presence simulation.
  4. Rapid help in an emergency e.g. by accident transmitters/sensors, panic switches and networked smoke detectors..
  5. Light – from central switching on and off the lights to complete lighting scenarios for romantic candle-light dinners.
  6. Music/Entertainment – Individual scenarios for the home cinema night, easy playback of your favourite music in several rooms.
  7.  Other – Awning, washing machine, TV, etc.

How is Smart Home controlled?

The simplest variant are pushbuttons that emit certain signals and trigger a programmed scenario. In case of several components or scenarios must all be networked together and remotely controlled in a more targeted manner. Wall displays are suitable for this purpose, which are sensibly installed in a central place in the house, but also tablets or smartphones that are connected via the Internet or the telephone network, can be used for this purpose.

This is how your Smart Home prefabricated house can be conveniently controlled with a Smart Home App, regardless of whether you want to turn on the light in the living room from the sofa or quickly pull in the awning while you are outside the house.

KNX or Somfy – You have the choice!

Your benefit: With SchwörerHaus, you can choose for your new Smart Home prefabricated house between the two Smart Home systems KNX or Somfy.  In addition, you can decide how intelligent your smart house should be in the first step.

Smart Home with KNX

Smart Home KNX stands for connectivity and has stood for the intelligent “connection” of various electrical functions or devices in the house for more than 20 years. With the Smart Home System KNX, the house control is connected via cable. The cornerstone of the KNX Home Automation form a bus line, which is already installed with the power lines in a new building. In this way, the different elements of building services are networked with each other. This is how, among other things, heating, lighting, blinds but also security technology are centrally controlled and ideally coordinated with one another for the well-being of the residents.

Benefits of KNX: 

  • Very flexible, all electrotechnical products with open KNX standard can communicate with each other, so it can be supplemented and adapted at any time.
  • KNX as standard has been on the market for over 20 years.
  • Meets the standards EN 50090 and ISO/IEC 14543.
  • Nearly 200 well-known suppliers worldwide have KNX products in their product range.

Smart Home with Somfy

With TaHoma Premium, you can easily and comfortably control your entire building services with a Smart Home App via smartphone, tablet and PC. The commands are transmitted over the Internet to the TaHoma-Box, which is connected to the in-house router. This transfers the information to roller shutters, sun protection/shading devices and co.

The clear user interface is very easy to use and you always receive a feedback whether the command has actually been executed or whether the roller shutter, for example, has run on an obstacle. Besides this Internet control, the building services products (HVAC) can also be operated by hand and wall transmitters. This is how modern home automation is fun.

A quick and easy way to your own Smart Home

Even more intelligent functions and optimum ease of use ensure a perfect living experience.

Innovative & simple

  • Modern and elegant design
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • With integrated scenario player to start a favourite scenario by touching the box
  • Trouble-free extension to include smoke, movement and opening detectors io, as well as the Somfy-Protect alarm systems.

    Future-proof & flexible

    • Integration of up to 200 Somfy products
    • Customised extensions without additional control cables
    • Well-known partners: Products from other famous manufacturers are compatible with TaHoma.
    • You can integrate Velux flat roof windows and awnings from renowned manufacturers in TaHoma.

    All the products that can be connected to TaHoma use compatible wireless protocols – a common product language as prerequisite for smoothly processes in your Smart Home.

    'Smart Home Ready House'

    You decide how 'smart' your new home should be.

    With the basic package, you have a low-cost entrance to your Smart Home and, at the same time, the option to expand it felxible to create an all-inclusive and comprehensive Smart Home solution.


    Your Schwörer benefits:

    As a SchwörerHaus customer, you will receive a 25% discount on the purchase of a Somfy Smart Home system.


    For more information, contact your building advisor