Build sustainable

Thanks to an ecological and sustainable production cycle, we protect the environment and contribute to reduced CO2 emissions.

In addition, we use natural resources to generate energy. In our biomass combined heat and power plant with an output of 8.5 megawatts, we produce electricity that could supply a community of 65,000 inhabitants. The material used comes from wood residues from sawmills and woodworks as well as from prefabricated house production.

In our plants, we consistently focus on the processing of domestic, PEFC-certified woods. In this way, we maintain the added value in the region and guarantee houses for life.

Climate protection

SchwörerHaus was awarded as a climate protection company in 2011.


Innovation Award


Within the framework of the “EnBW Energy Efficiency Network” we have receive the Innovation Award 2014.


With the customer house Suhrenbrock, we achieved a grade of 1.4 in the sustainability assessment.

Climate neutrality

Since 2021, SchwörerHaus has participated in the initiative “Climate Protection Wood Industry” and has been certified as a climate-neutral company.

20 years EMAS


Over the past 20 years, we have introduced and continuously improved a validated environmental management system.



In 2018, SchwörerHaus was awarded by Focus Money for its very strong sustainable commitment.


Sustainable living

As a sustainable company, it is of course also important to us that you can live sustainable. The philosophy of ecological responsibility is therefore also reflected in our houses. The renewable, ecological and healthy building material wood comes first and is used for our houses without chemical additives.

Our energy-saving concept is characterised by a highly heat-insulated, air- and windproof building envelope in wood panel construction, which creates the ideal structural condition for the controlled ventilation system with heat recovery. In addition, we offer for example thermal solar systems for hot water, photovoltaic systems for electricity production and an intelligent storage system. All of this ensures that you consume less energy or that you can use the self-generated electricity according to your needs: You produce more electricity than you need for heating, hot water and household electricity for the entire year. These and many more clever ideas lead to a positive energy balance in your house and a life in harmony with the nature.