FlyingSpace usage

  1. Expertise: Benefit from our expertise gained from the many FlyingSpaces projects we have already realised.
  2. Construction: One contact for planning and construction and for all coordination work needed on and in the house.
  3. Interior design: We provide competent sampling and a wide variety of top-quality brand products in our Design Centre.
  4. Fitted furniture and cabinetmaking shop: Clever built-in solutions designed by our furniture experts provide you with maximum storage space in small areas.
  5. Kitchen studio: Our kitchen professionals turn a simple kitchenette into a fully-equipped cooking wonder.
  6. Customer Service: Just like any other Schwörer house, we offer a five-year guarantee and a two-year guarantee on heating and electrical equipment.


Our mini-house concept couples the compactness of a flat with the benefits of a detached house. Maintenance, servicing and care are kept to a minimum – while use of the garden, a view into a green space and privacy are attractive features. Free-standing FlyingSpaces are ideally suited for couples or singles who feel quite comfortable in a living space of 50 square metres and who want to make use of a small residual plot. In this way, FlyingSpaces help to maximise the use of existing residential areas, particularly when they can be set up in the garden of an existing residential building.


Life's plans change more often and more comprehensively than in the past, but very few buildings are as adaptable. If the house is bursting at the seams, yet it isn't possible to demolish the house or add another storey, the answer is move – or 'dock on' some extra space. The advantage of an extension: you don't have to leave the surroundings you love. FlyingSpaces are ideally suited as an extension of living space – as a room for guests, parents or children, for spatial organisation of work and living, such as a studio, study or office, or when several generations want to live together but have separate entrances.

Holiday home

No queues at the buffet, no in-your-face entertainers, no fight for pool loungers – it is not just families that have discovered the benefits of spacious holiday homes with an outside area for their holiday. Do what you want when you want to – barbecue parties with friends, amusing games nights with the family, space for the kids – this and more make an ideal holiday for many people. FlyingSpaces are ideally suited as a holiday home with an individual touch – whether you use it yourself or rent it out.


Do you want to extend your current office space or do you need a new workshop? The FlyingSpace module is perfect for this. Modules can be individual, or angled or combined with multiple living boxes. Special requirements too such as a laboratory, sales room or seminar room can be realised in a FlyingSpace.

Multi-function construction

Stacked and grouped, FlyingSpaces can become children's daycare centres, community centres, museums or multi-purpose residential complexes. As mobile boxes, they can be used as a temporary showroom at museums, as a kiosk or ice cream counter. There are almost no limits to the possible uses. Given the experience of the company, not only in building houses, but also in construction projects, SchwörerHaus can offer valuable support in building individual solutions – from development planning and floor plan designs through to the architectural adaptation of existing buildings.