prefabricated houses and house construction with SchwörerHaus

We build large and small houses in a widely diverse range of architectural styles, including the style that suits you. Our priority is providing superlative quality at the best possible price. Be inspired by our meticulously conceived house concepts, by over 40 show houses, as well as the wide selection of typical customer houses. Build your own personal dream home – with SchwörerHaus as your partner.

Schwörer special offer houses

Ready to move into houses in modern design and at a top special offer price: well thought-out floor plans, high-quality brand equipment as well as a super price-performance ratio. 100 special offer houses as KfW efficiency houses 55 from 195.879,- €*.

Optimally pre-planned and still very flexible plus turnkey!

The special offer house programme contains Schwörer prefabricated houses at a fabulous price-performance ratio in turnkey version. The interior walls are executed in accordance with the special offer house programme.

Your special offer house becomes unique through a multitude of design options, for example with window and terrace doors, colour design, garage, carport, entrance roofing, air beams, balcony and much more.



Single-family houses

One and a half or two-storey, with pitched, hipped or flat roof, as a city villa, country house or cube design – whatever your ideal single-family house looks like, we can turn it into a reality for you.

House ideas

We offer you various design options for your individual home and provide you with initial house ideas for this purpose.

Trend houses

Schwörer houses are modern prefabricated houses which you can plan individually with an architect on site. Here you can find some example houses.


A light and airy living feeling, direct access to the garden from all rooms – living on one level has its charm. Bungalows are single-story houses with many options.

semi-detached houses

Semi-detached houses are a real alternative when it comes to compacted building. The construction of semi-detached houses and so-called chain houses is particularly interesting for inner-city plots.

Houses with a separate apartment

Are you thinking of complementing your new home by adding an additional and separate apartment with its own entrance? – then our house designs with a separate apartment are the ideal solution for you.

Apartment buildings

The multi-storey townhouse as a prefabricated house with a loft-like structure: With its high degree of prefabrication, it provides cost-secure and quickly realisable living space.

Virtual tours

Experience the virtual tours of our show houses from the comfort of your home with your PC or tablet. With your tablet, you can go through your left and right movements through the room as if you were live on site. Have fun with the tour!

Customer house gallery

In the customer house gallery you will find pictures of our customers' houses, which they can upload and comment on themselves.


With SCHÖNER WOHNEN Houses, you benefit from the living and design knowledge of Europe's largest living magazine SCHÖNER WOHNEN (BEAUTIFUL LIVING) combined with the building experience of SchwörerHaus.

Young Family Home

The "Young Family Home" cooperation houses with furniture manufacturer IKEA, lifestyle magazine ZUHAUSE WOHNEN (LIVING AT HOME) and SchwörerHaus combines young, bold furnishings with modern and family-friendly architecture.


The LifePhasesHouse shows exciting ways in which older people can live self-determinedly in their familiar environment for as long as possible.

Show houses


Please be our guest and take a look around one of our show houses.

Experience SchwörerHaus live – the construction method, room quality and the variety of equipment. We look forward to your visit, in one of our more than 40 show houses in Germany and Switzerland.

You have already visited one or more of our show houses and would like to learn more about our individual prefabricated houses?

Visit our Schwörer show house park in Hohenstein-Oberstetten.

In Hohenstein-Oberstetten there is a Schwörer show house park with 6 very different prefabricated house types:

  1. an idyllic country house,
  2. the popular sun island house,
  3. the SCHÖNER WOHNEN-house as a cube house,
  4. a café consisting of several mini houses and
  5. a multi-storey prefabricated house for barrier-free living including a separate apartment.
  6. And brand NEW – a bungalow with matching roof extension, which at second glance could also be a two-storey city villa.


The best evidences of individual prefabricated house construction in top Schwörer quality!

Let us surprise you!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our construction consultants.


How does prefabricated house construction with Schwörer actually work?

In the first step you will receive a lot of information and examples from us, so that you can collect ideas for your own home. You visit show houses or our show house park at our headquarters in Hohenstein-Oberstetten. We would be pleased to invite you to a factory tour so that you can experience live how a Schwörer prefabricated house is produced.

This is followed by a discussion with your Schwörer building consultant. He supports you with your questions about prefabricated houses and gives you tips for optimal planning, if necessary an architect is already present. Once all the important points have been considered, a personal offer can be prepared for your individual Schwörer house.

If you agree on this, the detailed house planning, the plan check as well as the submission of the building application for your prefabricated house to the responsible city/municipality will follow. As soon as all details, plans and approvals are available, the invitation to tender for the earthworks, concrete and sewer works will follow, as well as the invitation to the endowment consultation. Here you determine your house equipment in one of our three equipment centres. Each of our prefabricated houses is individual, simply combine according to your wishes – from the roof tiles and front door to bathroom furniture and carpeting, you will find everything in one place and can thus ideally coordinate all materials under expert advice.

In the site meeting, the details are discussed on site with the construction company and our site manager, floor slab and if necessary basement mounting can be done.

Everything is then ready for the assembly of your Schwörer prefabricated house – your new home! A place to live, celebrate, laugh and enjoy!

You can find further information under





  • Pay close attention to what is included in the “Ready” house price. A detailed construction and equipment description in written form will help you here, please ask for it.
  • Think about what is important to you and compare – e. g. how much quality do I get? Is the building technology right for me? Is the house endowment of high quality and yet affordable? Is the house planned in such a way that it fits my building regulations, my budget and, above all, my wishes?

Where can I get the current Schwörer building and equipment description?

You can obtain our current and very detailed building and equipment description in our show houses or directly from your Schwörer contact person. He will be happy to explain the details to you.



  • How is the service? 
  • Are the customers satisfied?
  • Do you get well-founded answers to all your questions?
  • Do you have direct contacts during the construction phase?
  • Is there still support and a comfortable “all from a single source” customer service after moving in?
  • … ?

SchwörerHaus stands for “excellent” service 
(s. awards/certificates)

We support you before, during and after the construction phase. Even years later, we will be happy to help you and accompany you throughout your life with our online customer portal, our customer service and the Schwörer modernization service.



Visit the company – experience the prefabricated house manufacturer live

  • at an "open day"
  • a "builder's information day"
  • or a factory tour

This will give you the best insights into the production, the equipment options, the contact persons...


At SchwörerHaus you are welcome at any time!

You are already in contact with SchwörerHaus? – then your contact person will be happy to organise this for you. Otherwise, please feel free to contact our head office at +49 7387 16-0 at any time.

We look forward to seeing you!

What is a prefabricated house / prefabricated part house at SCHWÖRERHAUS?

There is no uniform or legal definition of a “prefabricated house”, but it is clear that it consists mostly of prefabricated parts, i. e. it is a “prefabricated part house.”

At SchwörerHaus you consciously receive a prefabricated house that experiences a very high level of prefabrication in the factory, because we are convinced that the factory has the optimal conditions for an ideal prefabricated house production.

Regardless of wind, weather and temperature, the house parts are manufactured under constant and tested conditions and are brought to the construction site as “finished” as possible. There, the prefabricated house parts which have been planned down to the last detail are flown in by crane and assembled precisely together.