Young Family Home 1

The objective of the cooperation partners, SchwörerHaus, furniture maker IKEA and the German lifestyle magazine Zuhause Wohnen was an affordable and homely detached house concept that fulfils contemporary requirements in respect of comfort and design. The result is a house where you immediately feel comfortable. At the prefabricated house exhibition in the Fellbach district of Stuttgart, SchwörerHaus has, together with its two cooperation partners, converted its classical house with offset mono-pitched roofs so that, equipped with IKEA furniture, it is adapted to meet the comfort and design requirements of young families.

The house

New England-style modern architecture combined with light rooms add distinction to the classical Schwörer house with its offset mono-pitched roof and elegant white timber cladding. Outside lights styled to look like navigation lights and the stainless steel balcony rail emphasise the naval impression. Canopy roofs above the entrance and the patio exude a sense of comfort and security before you even enter the house.

The living-dining area

The generously dimensioned living-dining area offers plenty of space for a large dining table as a family meeting point. From the seating places, where the mood-colour yellow repeats, the view extends on two sides to the wind- and rain-sheltered covered patio, and into the garden. The sun shines through the patio doors into the spacious living-dining area with its open transition into the kitchen. Bright yellow painted walls go well with a relaxed, flexible furniture arrangement with a white and beige colour scheme, so ensuring that there is a sunny cheerful feeling here, even when the weather outside is grey.

The IKEA kitchen

Thanks to its interaction of open shelves and compact cabinets, the kitchen itself combines a comfortable style with plenty of storage space. A recessed wall section provides space for a kitchen unit with island and counter, where conversations with guests can be continued during shared cooking.

The upstairs

Upstairs, three roughly rectangular, and thus easily furnished rooms, offer quiet areas for retreat from the world. Here too, there are cleverly thought-through floor plan details such as a high knee wall that ensures the bedroom is pleasantly proportioned, a skylight window with a view from bed into the starry sky or access to the balcony from both the master and children’s bedrooms. The interior decoration is fully matched to the needs of the individual family members – such as the professional woman’s home office providing an efficient yet still comfortable working world, just as an architect or graphic designer might require, or the children’s bedroom with a combination of protective bunk and adventurous play area. Because, thanks to the offset mono-pitched roof, the room is so high that it would even be possible to incorporate a gallery in the children’s room.

The bathroom too has a family friendly design: two worktop mounted basins, the bath that slopes out into the room and the tailor-made bathroom shelves created by the Schwörer furniture and cabinetmaking shop to provide plenty of storage and a worktop surface - the secret to harmonious shared bathroom use.

Floor plans

Ground floor

Top floor