Barrier-free mini houses/FlyingSpaces by SchwörerHaus

FlyingSpaces as age-appropriate residential units are nothing new at SchwörerHaus. The mobile living form, which is also shown in the LifePhasesHouse, can be equipped with assistance systems on request in the near future. Delivered ready to use, quickly and easily constructed, FlyingSpaces are the ideal solution as a self-contained barrier-free living cube. Also super suitable as an uncomplicated extension solution. Through the first experiences made with the LifePhasesHouse, age-appropriate and barrier-free FlyingSpaces floor plan models could be developed.

Floor plan variants

Phase 1 - FlyingSpace vital - free-standing

The FlyingSpace F 10-049.5 covers 49,06 m² of living space and is suitable for a person who can still mostly take care of himself. Accessibility and assistance systems can be taken into account in planning.

Phase 2 - FlyingSpace care - free-standing for people in need of care

A few handles and the FlyingSpace can be converted into a living unit with room for a nursing staff in no time at all. Should the person in need of care become bedridden, a separate living area can be created. The nurse thus has a private retreat area and can take care of the patient quickly and reliable.

Phase 3 - FlyingSpace care dock - as an extension for people in need of care

The FlyingSpace F 10-033.1 with 32. 80 m² living space is an uncomplicated extension solution. In just a few hours and with little effort, the living module is docked onto the existing house and the residents can move in. With the necessary assistance systems and a barrier-free equipment, a person who is physically limited in some way can look after him or herself as independently as possible.