The emergence of the house in time-lapse

Architecture and basic houses

Architect Jürgen Lohmann, head of the commissioned architectural bureau Lohmann Architekten BDA, selected a simple cube with an innovative façade design. The ground floor widens outwards into a framed outdoor space  bordered by air beams. The playfully arranged windows in wide-ranging sizes lend the building a unique character.

Architect SCHÖNER WOHNEN House

Jürgen Lohmann

"In this project we took the opportunity to implement our architectural vision in association with the proven, experienced building execution methods perfected by SchwörerHaus. This association has allowed the combination of design and execution quality to create a very high-quality product."

Planning with variants

The design of the SCHÖNER WOHNEN HOUSE envisages variants with sloping roofs in a variety of designs.

 Basic house IBasic house IIBasic house III
External dimensions10,65 x 9,22 m10,65 x 9,22 m10,65 x 9,22 m
Net footprint of ground floor75,0 m²75,0 m²75,0 m²
Net footprint of top floor62,67 m²72,12 m²72,12 m²
Net floor area total137,6 m²147,12 m²147,12 m²
Roof pitch/jamb wall35°/165cm20°

HVACR and heating technology

In addition to the architectural and design highlights, this house concept is also linked with the crucial future issues of energy, mobility and communication. The SCHÖNER WOHNEN House is a KfW Efficiency House 55. The SCHÖNER WOHNEN House produces 4,600 kWh of solar electricity annually compared to the 4,200 kWh which were calculated for the house as the requirement in terms of energy to supply heating, hot water and other house needs. This leaves a surplus of 400 kWh, which is sufficient, for example, to drive 14,800 km with an electric bike.

Dena seal of quality

The SCHÖNER WOHNEN House has been awarded the Dena Efficiency House 55 seal of approval due to its verifiably particularly low energy requirement.

Schwörer fresh air heating system

The low energy requirement is covered by the Schwörer fresh air heating system, that comprises a controlled ventilation system with heat recovery combined with an air to air heat pump. On particularly cold days, the living areas can also be heated with ceramic heating elements, known as PTC elements.

Photovoltaic system

Due to the solar power system, which can be installed on the roof or integrated in the façade, the house generates more power than it consumes.


The surplus energy can be used intelligently and efficiently for your own electric bike or electric vehicle. More information on the electric scooter.

Home One

The house concept is completed by "Home One", a convenient, modern "Smart Home" system developed by SchwörerHaus in conjunction with Microsoft Deutschland and High-Def Technology. With the aid of a central touch panel, the user is abe to control every area of the house; for instance lighting, security or entertainment functions as well as the photovoltaic system and charging of the electric bike, from a central point.

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