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Planning Phase

Planning permission is required in Germany, in many cases the same applies in other countries. We would be pleased to help you here.

The basic design of the FlyingSpace envisages a flat roof, the most cost favourable and proven solution. If you have selected something different in the layout plan, you can choose other roof shapes such as a pitched, mono-pitched or hipped roof. It is also possible to have roof greening and to install either a solar thermal or a photovoltaic system.

Together with you, we will plan your individual FlyingSpace based on module variants – in particular, this comprises the flexible design of floor plan, façades and windows. A variety of dimensions are possible up to a maximum of 14.5 x 4.35 metres. The floor plan can be either fully open-plan or divided to suit your needs – up to a 3-room dwelling, also barrier-free.

We provide competent sampling and a wide variety of top-quality brand products in our Design Centre. You determine the scope of design yourself, from ready-for-occupancy through to extension version.

Given the clever structural analysis and well-conceived modular concept, this is possible at any time.

Naturally, we offer the FlyingSpace interior design as a barrier free variant. This means that: the floor plan has virtually no door sills and is planned with sufficient traffic space, including the appropriate fixtures and fittings, right through to the furniture. In the barrier-free Life Stages House in Tübingen you can see our competence in this area for yourself.

FlyingSpaces fulfil all the regulations of a modern house. With the appropriate equipment your FlyingSpace could be turned into an Energy Plus house with a positive energy footprint, producing more energy than is needed to cover energy requirements for heating, hot water and household electricity.

Each FlyingSpace comes equipped with a controlled ventilation system for heat recovery. Various heating methods are possible, including, for extensions, connection to the main house's heating system. In principle, you can select any form of heating.

Living in the FlyingSpace

This should not be a problem providing the appropriate regulations for your property permit this. You can combine single modules to meet your needs. If you don't need a kitchen, for example, the space can be put to other uses.

As a rule, the fully equipped FlyingSpace is transported to its new location on a low loader and lifted on to the foundation using a crane. The transport itself depends on a number of factors such as distance and the size of the FlyingSpace. It is therefore difficult for us to provide any general details of the transport costs. However, we will calculate these in advance.

We also deliver outside of Germany. In doing so, we have to comply with the special transportation regulations of the respective countries. As far as costs are concerned, transportation to neighbouring countries and regions such as Austria, Switzerland, Alsace in France or Northern Italy is realistic. Transportation to other more distant destinations will be significantly more expensive. In any event, we will need to compile an individual transport cost assessment for destinations abroad.

We manufacture your FlyingSpace in our plant at the company's headquarters in Hohenstein-Oberstetten in south west Germany using computer-aided manufacturing and state-of-the-art production engineering. This guarantees you the well-know Schwörer 'Made in Germany' quality.

Production is very much dependent on the weather conditions at our plant. If the foundations are manufactured to be frost-proof and hardened, there is nothing to prevent production throughout the year.

General information

Durability and life expectancy are the same as those of a Schwörer house: at the end of the day it is made of the same materials.

Given the well-conceived modular system, this is certainly possible. 

Building societies and banks provide a variety of financing options for both private and commercial customers. The fact that a FlyingSpace is a top-quality Schwörer house is a significant argument when you talk to your bank. We can support you in preparing your consultation with reference to our customer-friendly payment conditions: fixed price for a period of 12 months, 90% of the total price to be paid only after the FlyingSpace has been assembled and accepted.

You receive a sampling protocol and personal access to the online customer portal containing an overview of current status, maintenance and servicing instructions and some valuable tips.

30 years on the basic construction, 5 years guarantee under German law, 2 years for electrical devices and 2 years for heating systems.

Yes, best of all on holiday. The presented holiday home units give you a close up feeling of what it's like living in a FlyingSpace.
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