Beautiful staircases define the character of a house Schwörer staircases are solid, shapely and of the highest quality. And they can be made from a whole range of different materials. In terms of appearance, not only is the material from which the stairs are made decisive, but also the shape of the stairs. To match there is a range of different banisters. These too can be individually selected. Visit one of our design centres and be inspired amongst our labyrinth of sample staircases where our staircase experts will also be on hand to advise and suggest.

Try out for yourself in the stairs labyrinth!

Labyrinth of sample staircases - as an inspiration and to allow you to try out various different types. Not only that, you can see what your selection of tiles, carpet, etc. will look like combined with your staircase and thus gain an overall impression.

Your Schwörer staircase advantages:

Important heat insulation - Schwörer staircases benefit from a heat insulated closing element under the entire staircase, so creating a boundary with a cold cellar.

Staircase in customer and show homes

Various stair shapes

Combined with high-quality floor coverings and interior doors, a staircase underlines your own personal taste. Straight, quarter or half-turn staircase, with landing or with enclosed stringers. If your want a contemporary look, then you’ll choose a staircase without landings or a cantilever staircase.

A range of materials

With materials too there is a whole range to choose from. For example, easy-care stone, premium Corian or highly popular wooden stairs whether in dark walnut, solid oak, warm beech or light maple.

A range of banisters and handrails

Choose an appealing banister and handrail for your staircase. Typical combinations are wooden banisters with glass elements or stainless-steel and wood.