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A house is more than just a roof over your head. It is a place where life takes place. It is a place to laugh and to cry, to play and to find peace. This is where the memories are born that stay with us for decades. And as different as people are, their dreams are different too. And we help fulfil them. Trouble-free. This is what hundreds of satisfied customers tell us each year. And we want you too to fall in love with a prefabricated house from SchwörerHaus.


Gain inspiration for your own Schwörer building project from our wide range of customer and show houses.

Your very own home

We will build your new home to fulfil your own personal preferences and to meet the highest standard of Schwörer quality.

Grand Designs London

Visit us at the Grand Designs in London from 5. to 13. May.

Customer stories

Family Bigger

Why not invest in a home instead of putting the money into rent, thought the family Bigger. They envisioned a modern home with ambitious architecture, an open floor plan and lots of design.

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A building partner you can rely on

SchwörerHaus is a family firm, founded in 1950, with seven sites in Germany. Its many innovations in the field of energy-saving home technology and house construction have made the company one of the pioneers of the prefabricated house industry. The experience in this field, combined with long-term employee retention, have resulted in continuous further development across every field.

With us you will receive your dream home "Made in Germany" in tested, high quality including the "Schwörer - everything from one source service" at a fair price. Over more than 60 years, we've built more than 41.000 Schwörer wood-frame prefabricated houses. Now its your chance to join the other satisfied owners!

Benefits of prefabricated houses

Our 'everything under one roof' service is the decisive factor that convinces our customers to choose a prefabricated house. Instead of spending valuable time coordinating your building project, you can spend it with your family on leisure activities and quality time. When you build a prefabricated house, you profit from lots of advantages. Guaranteed fixed prices across the whole project for 12 months gives you planning security, or the reliable annual monitoring of quality conducted through the Qualitätsgemeinschaft Deutscher Fertigbau, a German organisation that assesses the quality of prefabricated houses, are just some of the advantages of prefabricated construction.

The following 10 advantages will definitely convince you of the prefabricated house.

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