Build safe with SchwörerHaus prefabricated houses

Fixed price guarantee & 10/90 payment terms

Building a house means “build safely” with SchwörerHaus. We arrange the construction work as safely as possible for our customers. That is why SchwörerHaus offers a fixed price guarantee for the entire scope of services. The payment of 90% of the house price from the upper edge basement ceiling is only due once the house has been accepted. This helps you save on any expensive interim financing. Until the house is handed over, our construction services are insured within the framework of a construction service insurance, which also includes the risk of fire.

90 % of the house price from the upper edge basement ceiling only has to be paid once the house has been handed over.

Guarantees and security when building your house

We provide our customers with year-long security, in other words, a 30-year guarantee on the basic construction of your prefabricated house. After the house has been handed over, the Schwörer service team is at your side at all times - free of charge for the first five years.

QDF - the German quality association for prefabricated houses

In our Schwörer plant we place great emphasis on quality control, high and precise prefabrication in modern workshops using computer-controlled manufacturing systems. Our membership of the Qualitätsgemeinschaft Deutscher Fertigbau (the German quality association for prefabricated houses) guarantees reliable, top-quality standards. Independent auditors monitor the construction materials used, the manufacture and the whole building process. The QDF seal has to be earned every year all over again.

You are also on the safe side when it comes to financing: SchwörerHaus was awarded the creditworthiness certificate by Creditreform for being a financially sound enterprise.

SchwörerHaus holds the European Technical Approval (the CE mark) for supplies of certified building products within Europe. We are one of just a few providers of prefabricated houses who have all components CE certified.