House with modern architecture

Customer story Bigger

After working in Zurich and elsewhere, Elena and Alec Bigger wanted to settle in Ticino and start a family. There is a property that has been in the family for 40 years. Why not invest in a home of their own instead of putting the money into rent, they thought, and had an architect friend come up with a draft proposal. They envisioned a modern house with ambitious architecture, an open floor plan and lots of design. The architect designed a great building – but it was not feasible in this form on the property and in addition, it was also too expensive.

Open and modern.

Design house with flat roof in high quality – bright and family-friendly designed.

With an individually planned prefabricated house, the couple's ideas moved into the area of possibility. The fact that beautiful architecture and design can also meet the highest demands in a construction method with a high degree of prefabrication was demonstrated by the Schwörer house of a family friend in the neighbouring town, which the building aspirants liked very much with its Z-roof, the reduced formal language and the large panoramic windows. Elena and Alec Bigger obtain further inspiration from the German house manufacturer's catalogue. The Schwörer show house at the Home Expo Suhr Pate was the inspiration for the façade design, the wide roof overhang with support columns and the balcony with stainless steel railing.

Flooded with light

There is a friendly atmosphere, large fixed glazing and terrace doors provide for transparency and lightness and plenty of daylight. The views look like framed picture details due to the anthracite-coloured window frames in contrast to the white walls.

A lot of built-in furniture in the kitchen, entrance area and bedroom creates order in the house. They suit to the calm, clear furnishing style of the family Bigger in light natural tones. This accentuates the warm wood tone of the parquet in whitewashed oak beautifully. The design furniture comes from the former apartment. They fit very well into the modern ambience.