House with lamellar facade

Open-plan living

Plan E 20-250.1

This family was particularly keen for their new detached house from

SchwörerHaus to realise their dream of open-plan living - with plenty of

timber but without exaggerated tweeness and with a trampoline in the

garden. Windows in a variety of sizes provide variety in the plain

two-storey building structure with its protective pitched roof.

Attractived detail features include the balustrade of the floor-length

windows which acts as a logical extension to the louvred facade on the

first floor and the continuous window lintel on the ground floor which

picks out the horizontal lines of the external blinds. The meticulous

care taken in the architectural design of the house is unmistakable.

Basic data

Catalog numberE 20-250.1
External dimensions11,64 x 10,96 m
Net footprint of ground floor108,60 m²
Net floor area Top floor104,72 m²
Net floor area total213,32 m²
Schwörer basement112,56 m²
Roof pitch/jamb wall25 ° / 0
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Net floor area

Roof form
Architectural style
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