Fertighaus mit Zeltdach

Prefabricated house with pavilion roof

Customer home - Plan E 20-135.1

The Möller family live in a home that not only creates a sense of well-being, is easy to look after and will retain its value. It also offers a lot of space despite its compact dimensions. The garden of the prefabricated house with pavilion roof is also a wonderful showcase for the family's own adjoining landscape gardening business. The Möller family wanted a friendly atmosphere and as much floor space as possible given the compact dimensions. This was implemented using two full storeys below a pavilion roof. A number of patio doors and windows, some of which extend around a corner, provide access to the garden and visually bring the green of the garden into the house. Also important was the use of natural construction materials, wonderfully expressed in the tastefully designed, partially-timbered façade. In combination with the white render, the even dark grey offers a perfect background for the many plants and flowers. making their colours much more intense.

Basic data

Catalog numberE 20-135.1
External dimensions9,04 x 9,08 m
Net footprint of ground floor67,38 m²
Net floor area First floor67,82 m²
Net floor area total135,20 m²
Schwörer basement66,87 m²
Roof pitch/jamb wall25°
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Net floor area

Roof form
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