Prefabricated house with 120 sqm living space

120 Square Metres Prefabricated House

Plan E 20-128.3

Living comfortably when space is at a premium – designing a large and modern house with many special architectural features such as a straight, central staircase, several galleries, different room heights and a very interesting room sequence is quite a challenge. With Sascha and Sara Triebner's prefabricated house all of this has been packed into a floor space of just less than 120 square metres.

Measuring 9.89 x 8.46 metres, the young couple's prefabricated house might well be described as compact – but it is also a gem and a real space maximiser. In the ground floor, the living area is separate from the dining area and kitchen, yet still closely connected – an easy stroll through the house allows you to catch up on all the daily news. The straight staircase in the middle of the house serves as both a design element and room divider. Upstairs there are two galleries, a master bedroom, dressing room, family bathroom and a children's bedroom.

Basic data

Catalog numberE 20-128.3
External dimensions8,46 x 9,89 m
Net footprint of ground floor67,73 m²
Net floor area First floor60,00 m²
Net floor area total127,73 m²
Schwörer basement68,60 m²
Roof pitch/jamb wall18°
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Net floor area

Roof form
Architectural style
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