Prefabricated house with double garage

Prefabricated house with double garage

Customer home - Plan E 15-153.2

This charm of this Efficient House with its double garage comes from the combination of typical country house elements such as the lattice windows and timber cladding with a contemporary facade design. In summer there is always a shady spot to be found at any time of day. Modern country house architecture generates a holiday feel every day. When making this key future investment in your "own home," not only living comfort and convenience but also the quality must be right including energy-saving HVACR, design and workmanship: everything about the "Hansal" timber home is state of the art.

Basic data

Catalog numberE 15-153.2
External dimensions11,00 x 9,00 m
Net footprint of ground floor76,00 m²
Net floor area Top floor75,00 m²
Net floor area total151,00 m²
Schwörer basement75,00 m²
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Net floor area

Roof form
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