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Customer home - Plan E 15-143.8

As a keen gardener, Caroline Bornmann could not wait to live in her own home with her own garden. So she decided to start the search for the right property. She did not consider buying an existing house: "Putting a pre-owned property in order is a bottomless pit which I am unwilling to take on, particularly as I have no DIY skills at all". She ordered a SchwörerHaus catalogue, immediately fell in love with the design of a modern country house with Nordic flair. Her building advisor Rolf Schelb explained to her everything that is involved in building a home: Acquiring a plot, ancillary building costs, house and garden planning and a good financing plan. His advice proved invaluable. A sample floor plan was scrutinized and adapted to her personal space requirements of 125 m². The home owner was keen to fulfil a number of key requirements: two places to sit in front of the house, more patio doors, parquet and a pantry. The red timber facade fits in perfectly and the white accentuations underline the Nordic feel.

Basic data

Catalog numberE 15-143.8
External dimensions9,56 x 9,08 m
Net footprint of ground floor72,03 m²
Net floor area Top floor71,21 m²
Net floor area total143,24 m²
Schwörer basement72,56 m²
Roof pitch/jamb wall35 ° / 125
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Roof form
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