Bungalow with roof terrace

Bungalow on the company roof

Customer house - Plan E 10-230.1

What Udo Volz particularly likes about his style of living and working is the executive office with private entrance. The businessman lives right on top of the company office in a 200 square metre apartment with roof terrace, sauna and first and foremost plenty of free space for himself and his three children. SchwörerHaus was commissioned to construct the commercial building plus living apartment on top as part of a single contract. The generous expanse and bright ambience of the apartment takes on the proportions of a loft space in the open-plan living, dining and cooking area. Numerous floor-length windows link the indoor spaces on two sides with the outside area of the uninterrupted roof terrace. At this height, there is a direct view of the surrounding countryside - just like living in a bungalow.

Basic data

Catalog numberE 10-230.1
External dimensions17,00 x 16,74 m
Net footprint of ground floor230,39 m²
Net floor area total230,39 m²
Schwörer basement810,00 m²
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Net floor area

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