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Hans Schwörer Strasse 8
72531 Hohenstein/Oberstetten
Telephone: +49 73 87 16-0
Fax: +49 73 87 16-500-100

Multi-generation prefab house

Multi-generation house

Plan M 15-180.2

Not wall to wall but upstairs and downstairs: Two families with children

or two generations can occupy this house - one with a terrace and

direct access to the garden, the other with a balcony and spectacular

views. This affordable living arrangement can also be implemented with

compact sizing, making it ideal for locations close to town where

building plots are smaller. A great option for young families and for

first-time home owners.

Basic data

External dimensions 10,71 x 10,33 m
Net footprint of ground floor 91,74 m²
Net floor area Top floor 88,30 m²
Net floor area total 180,04 m²
Schwörer basement 93,00 m²
Roof pitch/jamb wall 35° / 165/263cm

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