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Hans Schwörer Strasse 8
72531 Hohenstein/Oberstetten
Telephone: +49 73 87 16-0
Fax: +49 73 87 16-500-100

Detached house with large terrace

Compact floor plan

Customer home - Plan E 15-147.3

The timber cladding combined with the white rendered facade and the compact floor plan embody a style of living for the young at heart; the ground floor is designed for open plan communal living, while each family member has the chance to retreat to a private sphere on the top floor. But in this house the outside terrace area with its modern glass roof is just as inviting as the inside.

Basic data

External dimensions 10,00 x 8,00 m
Net footprint of ground floor 73,00 m²
Net floor area Top floor 73,00 m²
Net floor area total 146,00 m²
Schwörer basement 74,00 m²
Roof pitch/jamb wall 30°/165cm

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