Zero energy

Zero energy house

Customer house - Plan E 15-128.10

The building project implemented by this family proves that owning your own home can work out cheaper than rental payments. With the innovative energy concept, here in the form of a zero energy house, this family is completely independent of oil and gas.

So that they can remain in their own home for as long as possible, they have looked ahead and equipped the house almost completely for barrier-free living, for example with a floating sliding door from the dining room to the terrace, floor-level showers and a utility room on the ground floor which - if the stairs ever become a problem - can be used as permanent bedroom thanks to the adjoining shower/bathroom.

Basic data

Catalog numberE 15-128.10
External dimensions8,61 x 9,08 m
Net footprint of ground floor63,87 m²
Net floor area Top floor63,86 m²
Net floor area total127,73 m²
Schwörer basement63,86 m²
Roof pitch/jamb wall35° / 145cm
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Net floor area

Roof form
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