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Hans Schwörer Strasse 8
72531 Hohenstein/Oberstetten
Telephone: +49 73 87 16-0
Fax: +49 73 87 16-500-100

Pefabricated house with energy plus

Prefabricated house with Energy Plus

Plan E 15-170.1

The Energy Plus house in Helmstorf profits from the power generated by the solar PV system. Calculated over the year, it generates more electricity than it needs for heating, hot water and household use. With the surplus, the Schwörer electric scooter could travel around 6,800 kilometres. The Schwörer trainer provides a welcome added boost to the electricity production with the energy generated while using the home trainer is used to heat non-potable service water. At the same time, the increased heat radiated by the body is recovered by the controlled ventilation system.

Basic data

External dimensions 15,00 x 10,00 m
Net footprint of ground floor 87,00 m²
Net floor area Top floor 82,00 m²
Net floor area total 169,00 m²
Roof pitch/jamb wall 42 ° / 44

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