FlyingSpaces Multi-purpose housing units in Metzingen

Multi-purpose housing units in Metzingen

Plan F 10-043.10

The two-storey atrium complex comprises two groups of buildings each with eight FlyingSpace modules and access via a steel staircase from the courtyard. The Metzingen project – currently used as accommodation for refugees – is an example of an appropriate reaction to requirements and location, where speedy, cost favourable but still good and long-term housing solutions are called for. If needs change, the complex could be used in future as a meeting point for the community's senior citizens or as a youth club, or could be divided up into individual modules and used for different purposes.

Basic data

Catalog numberF 10-043.10
External dimensions4,35 x 12,80 m
Net footprint of ground floor43,47 m²
Net floor area total43,47 m²

Ground plans

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Net floor area

Roof form
Architectural style
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