Modern bungalow at ground level with hipped roof

Ground-level bungalow

Customer house - Plan E 10-095.1

A bungalow designed with care provision in mind. The dressing room is designed to allow its future use as a private room for a live-in carer. This provides your home with built in flexibility because who knows what the future might bring. For the building of her own home, self-employed businesswoman Monika Kilburg opted for the comprehensive worry-free package from SchwörerHaus. “I didn't need to worry about a thing. Building deadlines were adhered to and the fixed price guarantee provided a binding financial arrangement before the building even started."

Photos: Hans-Rudolf Schulz

Basic data

Catalog numberE 10-095.1
External dimensions11,54 x 10,33 m
Net footprint of ground floor94,94 m²
Net floor area total94,94 m²
Roof pitch/jamb wall25 ° / 0

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