FlyingSpaces show homes

If you are interested in gaining an impression of the quality of Schwörer construction methods, in the top-quality fixtures and fittings and in stimulating furnishing ideas, visit our FlyingSpace show homes.

Show home Frechen

SchwörerHaus exhibits a wonderful example of the world of prefabricated houses in the Frechen district of Cologne with an extension for a family member, including, living space, kitchen, bathroom, WC and bedroom. As a common entry, a porch connects the main house to the extension. Thus enabling independent living.

FertighausWelt Köln-Frechen
Europaallee 45
50226 Köln-Frechen
Phone: +49 2234 9906-541 oder -542

Show home Wuppertal

The roof-top FlyingSpace of the show home in Wuppertal provides extra spare space as an add-on module. A dream come true with a spa area – with a whirlpool in front of the foldable door to the roof-top terrace and a small refreshment bar – reached by means of a visually floating staircase construction.

FertighausWelt Wuppertal
Schmiedestr. 59
42279 Wuppertal
Phone: +49 202 641091

Show home Hohenstein

FlyingSpace reception building at the entrance to the company's own show home park in Hohenstein-Oberstetten, an elevated FlyingSpace that also demonstrates the possibilities of the modular concept on sloping sites. Check out the Schwörer quality for yourself, daily from 10am to 5pm.

Musterhauszentrum Hohenstein
Eschenweg 2
72531 Hohenstein-Oberstetten
Phone: +49 7387 16-3140

Show home Café in Hohenstein

For the Schwörer Café at the company's headquarters in Hohenstein-Oberstetten three FlyingSpaces were placed so as to create a courtyard between the individual modules, covered with a huge glass roof. To clearly promote the space concept, each element was designed with a different façade. This FlyingSpace ensemble is wonderfully suited to community living, doctors' surgeries, children's daycare centres, etc.

Musterhauszentrum Hohenstein
Eschenweg 2
72531 Hohenstein-Oberstetten
Phone: +49 7387 16-3140

Show home in Däniken, Switzerland

The show home in Däniken is a small flat with 50 square metres of floor space. Open living, dining and cooking areas, with a separate bedroom and bathroom. The special feature of this mini-house is the individual built-in furniture from Schwörer's fitted furniture and cabinetmaking shop.

Musterhaus Däniken in der Schweiz
Wolfackerstr. 6
CH 4658 Däniken
Phone: +41 62 823 22 21 oder +41 79 441 11 11