Detached house with pitched roof and garage

Detached House with a Pitched Roof

Customer home - Plan E 15-137.4

For the Birhold-Brühls it was important to have the house built by professionals who could do the job quickly. Both partners have demanding jobs and are very conscious of price and quality, which is why the home owners chose a classical pitched roof detached house from Schwörer. The basis was a design from the Schwörer house ideas brochure, a model measuring 9.89 x 8.48 metres and a generous knee wall of 1.65 metres – not a castle on a cloud but an affordable detached house with a pitched roof suitable for a family with two or three children. The couple were very keen to achieve optimum lighting, a balance between floor-length windows and patio doors and space for furniture.

Basic data

Catalog numberE 15-137.4
External dimensions9,00 x 8,00 m
Net footprint of ground floor68,00 m²
Net floor area Top floor68,00 m²
Net floor area total136,00 m²
Schwörer basement67,00 m²
Roof pitch/jamb wall30°/165cm
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House type
Net floor area

Roof form
Architectural style
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