SchwörerHaus KG

SchwörerHaus KG, Hans-Schwörer-Str. 8, 72531 Hohenstein-Oberstetten, Tel. +49 7387 16-0,

With over 40.000 houses constructed, SchwörerHaus is among Germany's biggest prefabricated house manufacturers. Around 800 - 1,000 new SchwörerHaus homes are built every year.

The PEFC-certified raw material wood comes from sustainable forestry in the region and is processed in an ecological production process in the company's own sawmill into high-quality, healthy living building and basic materials. In the company's own biomass combined heat and power plant, around 8,500 kilowatts of electricity per hour are produced with the production residues and fed into the public power grid. The house assembly, including turnkey development, is carried out under Schwörer's direction right up to the house approval.

Schwörer homes are individually constructed houses which are freely planned and designed. Architecture, design and energy-saving HVACR are perfectly coordinated.

All Schwörer homes are produced by the company's own specialist personnel in Germany and installed on sites across Europe by qualified assembly teams.

Schwörer Bausysteme GmbH

Schwörer Bausysteme GmbH, Brühlweg 29, 72401 Haigerloch-Stetten, Tel. +49 7474 695-0,

Schwörer Bausysteme GmbH produces quality basements, slab ceilings, pre-cast stairs, special concrete parts, prefabricated garages and steel constructions for the commercial and industrial construction in Haigerloch-Stetten. One focus of its work is on custom-manufactured prefabricated basements, which also form a precise-fitting foundation for Schwörer houses.

Schwörer Modernisierungsservice

SchwörerHaus KG, Modernisation Service, Hans-Schwörer-Str. 8, 72531 Hohenstein-Oberstetten, Tel. +49 7387 16-282,

SchwörerHaus is on hand to help you, even after you have taken the keys. Are you looking for a new bathroom or do you want to replace some of the house technology? Schwörer's modernisation service can make you a personalised offer for your upgrade, conversion or extension. The high degree of prefabrication in the Schwörer plant means that the building phase on-site is quick and stress-free. Installation is carried out by the company's own specialists – at a fixed price. Click here for more information and for the contact form to our modernisation service.


Schwörer Cityloft

SchwörerHaus KG, Mehrgeschossbau, Hans-Schwörer-Str. 8, 72531 Hohenstein-Oberstetten, Tel. +49 7387 16-375,,

The Schwörer city loft is a joint project of companies in the Schwörer Group. Different materials and construction elements originate from different plants, each with a particular focus: timber construction, concrete construction, steel construction, pre-stressed concrete ceilings and designed pre-fabricated bathroom units. Thanks to a high degree of prefabrication, state-of-the-art technologies and computerised control systems, we can guarantee high standards of quality and short construction times.

BauInfoCenter Lüftungstechnik

BauInfoCenter Lüftungstechnik, Hans-Schwörer-Str. 8, 72531 Hohenstein-Oberstetten, Tel. +49 7387 16-381,


The BauInfoCenter produces devices and accessories for modern ventilation technology at the Group's Hohenstein-Oberstetten site. Its particular speciality is controlled living room ventilation systems with heat recovery and fresh air heating systems for new houses and modernisation projects, both directly for clients and for prefabricated house producers. If required, we can arrange a house ventilation system as a complete service package – with production drawings.

Schwörer Finanzservice

Helmut Geismann, Tel. +49 7381 931771, Mobil: +49 172 8094398,

Do you need financial advice?
Are you looking for a long-term bank partner?
Do you want to know everything about funding schemes?

The SchwörerFinanzservice has been there for all Schwörer customers providing comprehensive consulting and placement services since 1998.

Schwörer Design & Garten

Schwörer Design & Garten, Hans-Schwörer-Str. 8, 72531 Hohenstein-Oberstetten, Tel. +49 7387 16-525,

The high-quality designer garden houses are produced at Schwörer's main factory in Hohenstein. They are available in various dimensions and versions, and are delivered as a complete assembly kit. The assembly is quick and simple.

Schwörer Komplettbau

Schwörer Komplettbau, Bahnhofstr. 9, 72488 Sigmaringen, Tel. +49 7571 725-0,

Schwörer Komplettbau, headquartered in Sigmaringen, offers a unique combination of services for modern industrial construction: concept, planning and design, manufacturing and delivery of components; also if required, assembly and removal up to turnkey handover. Customers have a contact person throughout the construction process. The steel constructions and large-size prefabricated elements made of concrete and timber are manufactured in the company's own plants.


SchwörerHolz, Hans-Schwörer-Str. 8, D-72531 Hohenstein-Oberstetten, Tel. +49 7387 16-197, Fax +49 7387 16 500-841,

SchwörerHolz produces and sells a broad selection of high-quality timber products. Our entire production cycle is designed based on environmental guidelines. SchwörerHolz works hand in hand with other partners from the region according to the principle of "locally sourced timber". Using ultra-modern production facilities at the company headquarters in Hohenstein, the company SchwörerHolz is able to respond flexibly to the demands of the market with short delivery periods. The state-of-the-art production with mechanical stability sorting is certified and monitored by a comprehensive quality management system.  Product range: sawn timber and refined timber products such as 3-ply panels, glulam, glulam elements, solid structural timber, DUO/TRIO/QUATTRO beams.

Schwörer Fertigbad-Systeme

SchwörerHaus GmbH & Co. KG, Blumberger Chaussee 2, 16356 Ahrensfelde/Berlin,

Schwörer Fertigbad-Systeme produces high-quality prefabricated bathroom systems for hotels, retirement and nursing homes as well as hospitals at the Ahrensfelde/Berlin site. The basic construction generally consists of the robust cement-bonded solid construction COSPAN panels which are manufactured in the Coswig/Anhalt factory.

Kastell GmbH

Kastell GmbH, Gunzenhofstraße 9, 72519 Veringenstadt, Tel. +49 7577 309-0, Fax +49 7577 309-23,,

Kastell operates at the Veringenstadt site and benefits from 25 years of experience in solid construction. The production program includes not only multi-storey, commercial and industrial construction but also nursing homes as well as single-family houses in solid construction.

Other products: VARIAX prestressed concrete hollow ceilings, precast concrete parts, chimneys and wood burning stoves.