Detached house in Bauhaus style with flat roof

Bauhaus style with flat roof

Customer home - Plan E 20-207.1

The dark coloured cube is impossible to overlook. The shape and colour

of the house are clearly distinguishable from the surrounding

architecture. Its anthracite-coloured facade draws interested glances.

What was once the grandmother's building plot now houses a

family-friendly home with four children's bedrooms - light and airy with

generous glazed expanses. The owner family were particularly keen on

the Bauhaus style with flat roof and minimized styling as featured in

the latest architectural magazines. But they had no idea about how and

with whom they could create their dream home. They trawled the Internet

and came across the informative SchwörerHaus site. They were

particularly impressed by the many examples of featured homes from

satisfied customers.

Basic data

Catalog numberE 20-207.1
External dimensions10,96 x 15,09 m
Net footprint of ground floor92,60 m²
Net floor area First floor114,40 m²
Net floor area total207,00 m²
Schwörer basement94,73 m²
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Net floor area

Roof form
Architectural style
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